We never truly know when a plumbing disaster will happen. If it does, though, it’s imperative that you know a trusted service company that will respect you as a client and the location you need service, and provide reliable, quick service at a fair price.

Here at National Plumber, we are aware of how nerve-wracking can a plumbing emergency be. A leak or a potential flood can bring you panic – which is perfectly understandable. Our team of highly skilled plumbing technicians will be able to handle any plumbing situation – we work with all types of product, small or large. Whether it’s your home or commercial property, our team is ready to provide you with the service you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Kitchen or Bathroom Remodels: We can help you remodeling your home or office.
  • General Repairs: We can make sure your plumbing system runs smoothly.
  • Toilets: We are ready to service, repair or install.
  • Repiping: We can help you update old piping, replacing only the fittings or the entire system.
  • Water Heater: We service and repair all types of water heaters.
  • Water Mains: We can repair or replace all types of water lines – regardless of how big or small.
  • Dripping or Leaking Faucet: We can help you with a faucet that won’t stop dripping.
  • Garbage Disposal: We are ready to install or repair.
  • Sump Pump: We are ready to install or repair.
  • Drain Service: We are willing to thoroughly clean the drain, including baths, toilets, sinks, drains and main lines.

Water Heater Replacement And Repair

Our life would be a lot harder without hot water, wouldn’t it? The USA is known for its cold winters – and hot water is essential for washing clothes, dishes, and yourself when you’re in that climate. While cold water can be good to quench your thirst in the heat of the summer, it doesn’t do much for those looking to relax in a bubble bath after a long day of hard work. If you find that you have problems with your water heater, simply tell us any issues and symptoms you may have noticed in the last few weeks, and we’ll do all we can to pinpoint your problem. Our skilled team can repair most hot water heaters – but, in certain cases, an old unit needs to be replaced. Whatever the situation, we’ll do all we can to save you money and time, thoroughly investigating your unit as well as any other potential cause for a lack of hot water.

We Provide Plumbing Services Everywhere

Not only we have a team stationed in the USA, but we are also ready to serve all the states, and everywhere in between, too. Whether you’re a business owner or a resident, National Plumber covers everyone who lives in the Greater United States. Our team is prepared to meet you at your business or home and quickly deal with the situation so you can resume your life as usual. In most cases, our technicians will be able to solve the situation quickly, with no need for major repairs – in case you need additional work, thought, we’ll be with you until it’s all done.

Installation, Repairs, and Sales

If you’re confident dealing with a broken fixture or a clogged drain on your own, we can provide you with quality, professional grade products, even if you don’t want our service. However, it’s important to point out that one simple mistake when servicing your plumbing can cause enormous damage that can be costly to reverse. Unless you’re a hundred percent confident in your plumbing skills, it’s best to leave it to a professional. In any case, we know the importance of using quality parts, and we install products that are designed to last for years to come. Whether you need installation, repairs or sales, we stand behind all aspects of our business, and we would never provide you with a product or service that we wouldn’t be happy to use ourselves.

Plumbing Professionals

We have been serving USA residents for more than five years – its residents and business owners have been depending on us for quick fixes, quality installations, and reliable service for all this time. Our reputation highlights how well trained we are in the industry, and how we’re ready to serve clients with respect and trust. Here at National Plumber, we understand how clients have many options when it comes to their commercial or residential plumbing needs, so we make sure to provide you with the best. Don’t risk getting an under-skilled, over-priced company to deal with your plumbing needs – we are only a quick phone call away. After all, there’ a reason why National Plumber has been in operation for such a long time – we treat customers with reverence, and make sure that they understand the situation and the work we’ll perform to fix it whenever we work on their plumbing system.

24/7 Plumbing Services

It’s normal to be scared of spending too much cash when you need to hire a plumber after-hours. However, with National Plumber, this is not a concern – we charge our clients exactly what’s needed to fix their problem, and we do all we can for as long as it takes to make sure your situation is properly handled. If you’re dealing with a small leak that may become something bigger, or perhaps your sump pump is failing, give us a call already instead of waiting until the last minute – otherwise, you may end up in a much more complicated situation, and end up with the damage you could have easily avoided. Our professional emergency plumbers are ready to respond quickly to a call since a plumbing emergency can cause serious damage in a matter of minutes. When you contact us, we’ll quickly have an emergency plumber at the requested location as soon as possible – you won’t find many other companies that can make that claim.

Get A Reliable Estimate For Free

We don’t charge for our estimate – and why would anyone turn down something that costs them nothing? We know how nerve-wracking it can be to call a company and have they charge a ridiculous amount only to give you a quote for the service – especially if you’re not sure of how much it’s going to cost you. Other companies’ technicians will often drag out a simple repair, too – but you won’t have to worry about any of this when hiring National Plumber. You’ll feel a lot more at ease knowing the estimate right away – and our professionals will do their best to provide the most precise quote they can, depending, of course, on the information you provide on the situation. In certain cases, something that seems like a quick and easy fix, such as a clogged toilet, broken pipe valves or even a leak in a faucet could prove to be a more complicated underlying problem – but we’ll keep you informed throughout the process, and you’ll have complete control over our work. If you’d rather not continue with the additional repairs or maintenance we recommend, that’s okay – you’re the boss.

We Are Available 24/7

Whether you and your family need assistance in the morning, or you live on your own and get a plumbing problem in the middle of the night, it’s very important to have a trusted, experienced plumber ready to answer to an emergency. Nothing is worse than getting your Chicago Bulls overtime game interrupted by a leaking pipe – and this is why we’re ready to servicing customers all day and all week, even if it means we won’t be able to watch the game ourselves. We pride ourselves on taking a look at the big picture instead of only fixing a particular problem, so we can easily identify a situation in which there’s a bigger issue at work. From emergency gas line repair to leak detection, we are ready to receive your calls at all hours, and we’re always excited to be able to help a customer with an emergency. We know that a plumbing emergency can’t wait – so we’ll set our DVRs to record the game, and get to you as quickly as possible.

Drain And Sewer Cleaning

While the pipe systems that from to the Waterfront all the way from Downtown are among the best, there’s always a chance that the lines will become clogged with debris. If the sewer lines don’t get cleared, you run the risk of dangerous sewer gasses entering your business or residence – in this situation, your patrons or family could become ill, and it’d likely be your responsibility as you failed to remedy a problem. Drain cleaning is one of the largest parts of our job, and no job is too complicated or messy for us. While some plumbers will simply clear out a clog or plug the holes, we know it’s important to fix the root of the problem, so we’ll do any additional work you may need such as copper repiping, pipe fittings or whatever is necessary to make sure your problem isn’t going to happen again, in case of ongoing issues. At National Plumber, or professionals simply know the b est course of action to take – they’ll guide you through the process, and make sure your lines are clear of debris and entirely free before leaving your location. When calling out a technician of ours, you can be sure you won’t feel left hanging or uninformed – our skilled, friendly team will answer all your questions about your sewer line or drain for you to fully understand the work we’ll do.